Who Are The Numbers?

In November 1977 a group of young lads, who enjoyed fun and excitement decided to be a band (five is not enough for a cricket team). For obscure mythological reasons they decided to call themselves ‘The Numbers’ and were surprised at the amount of success they had – very little.
Undaunted by this, and armed with the satisfaction that swinging beats was better than swinging bats, they continued to play, and soon their easy action, home city pop sound emerged.

Their influences were varied and difficult to define, but the United Nations always meant a lot to the band. Playing regularly for over a year, they worked toward their first disc outing. The platter contains three songs, ‘Sunset Strip’, ‘Magic Castle’ and ‘Rules of Love’ and all have the unique Numbers instrumental style.

The band hopes to continue in the development of this style and write great songs, make better records and, most of all, become fabulously rich.

The lineup of the band includes:
Scott Matheson
Likes trains and collects drawings of WW2 aircraft, and gave up a promising career as a guitarist to join The Numbers. Ambition – to become Commissioner of the railways.

Dennis Cantwell
Has thick wrists, likes to drink rum and hit things. Believes in reincarnation (“I’ve done this before”) and his ambition is to hit as many things in as many different situations and combinations as possible and see the world while doing it.

Robert Vickers
Was Prefect at school and is very serious about things except music, to which he has a tongue in cheek attitude. Thinks Sandy Shaw is fab, and his ambition is to die like a carp.

Allan Riley
A quiet and distinguished lad from a good home in the mountains who thinks Maria Schnider has a nice smile. Allan has no ambition except to be immensely successful at everything.

Mark Callaghan
When Mark first heard the New Wave he leapt to his foot (it was just after his accident) and said ‘This is it’ (decision making being his favourite hobby). He also likes to watch water polo, his ambition is to play the piano like Peter Fonda.