The Numbers

In mid-1977, The Numbers played their first date, to a small crowd at a dance that featured the local funk band. they played only seven songs, but the effect was electric and The Numbers have evolved from there.

Early on, the band played free at local hang-outs, and built up a steady following. The line-up of the group changed during this period with four core members emerging, all coming from the same Design course at the local college. The band’s name also changed during this time, with the members looking for a name that could more accurately sum up their history and attitudes.

From the outset The Numbers have attempted to develop their own sound, distilling wide musical influences (“the last 20 years of AM radio”) and adding their own unique touches. These influences range from the early Who (once called the Hi-Numbers) to the recent sound of new music coming out of the UK. To this basic formula The Numbers have attempted to add some of the Californian ‘Surf Sun and Sand Sound’ of the early 60’s. This is where the similarities end. The Numbers music is basically guitar oriented and the instrumental style is aimed at retaining the energy essential to any youthful musical expression. The Numbers are at their happiest in live situations in small and close packed local venues, but a lot of their energy has been captured in their first disc outing the E.P. ‘Sunset Strip’.

The songs on the record were tapped at Windows Studio in July 1978, after the band had played regularly for a year. The response to the record was immediate with a limited edition selling out quickly. More records are now being pressed to satisfy the demand created by the impact of the E.P. both in Australia and Overseas.