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The Numbers

In mid-1977, The Numbers played their first date, to a small crowd at a dance that featured the local funk band. they played only seven songs, but the effect was electric and The Numbers have evolved from there. Early on, the band played free at local hang-outs, and built up a steady following. The line-up […]

The Numbers front cover

Who Are The Numbers?

In November 1977 a group of young lads, who enjoyed fun and excitement decided to be a band (five is not enough for a cricket team). For obscure mythological reasons they decided to call themselves ‘The Numbers’ and were surprised at the amount of success they had – very little. Undaunted by this, and armed […]

1978 Line-Up

The line-up in 1978 consisted of the following members taken from a press release. Dennis Cantwell Drums and backing vocals, … 174 cm tall with blue eyes. The classic Ringo drummer figure who is only happy hitting things and his fave food is macaroni and cheese.

Riptides line-up 1981

Band Bio 1981

The following is a press release by Regular Records in 1981 It was April Fools Day 1977 when Brisbane first heard the initial burst of what was about to become The Riptides. The band, composed at the outset of virtually any friends who could be recruited, were encouraged by their initial success, and endured various […]

Regular Records May 1981

Regular Records press release May 1981 Regular records third and latest signing, The Riptides, arrived in Sydney in 1979 from their home state Brisbane. Apparently the Queensland police make life so difficult for a rock and roll band that if the band wants to survive it has to head south to the big city. The […]