Band Bio 1981

The following is a press release by Regular Records in 1981

It was April Fools Day 1977 when Brisbane first heard the initial burst of what was about to become The Riptides. The band, composed at the outset of virtually any friends who could be recruited, were encouraged by their initial success, and endured various name and lineup changes as they played the pubs and clubs of a slumbering Brisbane.

In July 1978, under the name The Numbers, the band recorded their first independent EP “Sunset Strip” The band received good reaction in Australia, England and America, and in four weeks sold out their first pressing. The EP was remixed for a second pressing and released under the current name The Riptides. This likewise sold out, despite the set back caused by the name change (a Sydney band registered the name even as the EP was selling in shops).

In late 1979, lead guitarist Allan Riley was replaced by Andrew Leitch, who occasional dabblings on Farfisa organ added variety to the band. During the subsequent breaks from live performances, a new single called “Tomorrows Tears” was recorded and released on St Valentines Day 1980.

What followed was a solid four months of live gigging around Brisbane and Queensland coastal regions to the point where The Riptides were the most popular live band in Brisbane. But the limited opportunities that city offered soon forced the band to look south. Late in June The Riptides moved to Sydney.

An appearance on countdown performing “Tomorrows Tears” followed soon after. The band quickly built an inner city following in Sydney and made another successful trip to Melbourne late in August. By this stage, they had begun to attract the attention of many record companies, finally signing with Regular Records, home of “Mental as Anything” and “The Flowers”.
The rest of 1980 was spent recording and building up their already enthusiastic following. Regular will be releasing a single early in the year followed by the band’s first album. Meanwhile, The Riptides continue to work around Sydney with regular trips to Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Riptides

Mark Callaghan – Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals
Andrew Leitch – Lead Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards
Scott Matheson – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Dennis Cantwell – Drums