1978 Line-Up

The line-up in 1978 consisted of the following members taken from a press release.

Dennis Cantwell

Drums and backing vocals, … 174 cm tall with blue eyes. The classic Ringo drummer figure who is only happy hitting things and his fave food is macaroni and cheese.

Scott Mathison bioScott Mathison

Rhythm guitar and backing vocals… 175cm tall with brown eyes, the guitar clutching figure of tormented youth whose favourite food is steak and chips.



Allan Riley bioAllan Riley

Lead guitar and backing vocals…176cm tall with fair hair and blue eyes. Mystical introverted James Dean figure who often snarls and his faveĀ  food is hamburgers.



Mark Callaghan BioMark Callaghan

Lead vocals and Bass guitar (ic)…182 cm tall with grey eyes. Remote tragic figure caught up in the whirlpool of life and whose fave food is left over macaroni cheese, steak and chips and hamburgers.


All members of the band are Leo’s and regularly read the stars. Ambitions? When asked this question The Riptides are reticent and evasive. Dennis wants to hit as many different things in as many different combinations as possible, and see the world while doing it. Scott’s ambition – for revenge. Allan’s ambition is to meet Maria Schneider, and Mark just wants to play the piano like Peter Fonda and jam with Liberace.

As a band, The Riptides would like to do a lot more recording, play lots of live dates and become a household word, like salt or ketchup.